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Also known as simply "Prince Tweed", the anime series Aesthetic and the Animals has gathered a huge following of Tweed Stans, (the name given to the "Standom" fans following the series). Season one was introduced as a sort of spin off of Beauty and the Beast, with iconic characters such as Belle French and the Beast himself. But there were slight differences and new characters and attention grabbing twists. Season two brought us back for even more of the powerful twists, leaving the storyline of Beauty and the Beast and extending the universe even further. We've been introduced to Threadland, the Rose Court and the Animal Court. We've gotten to know iconic badguys such as the Fabric Realm Enchantress in season 1 and King Threadbare in season 2. We've learned juicy details about Threadland and the Fabric characters, the Rose Quartz people and the Animals. Now we are on season three, (premiered March 17th, with new episodes every Friday). With our mysterious Silk spinning out of control, the and the plot in Spain thickening, no wonder this fandom is so enticed. Check this out, you wont be able to drop the ball (of yarn XD)!

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Series Summary

Princess Aesthetic and Prince Animals have had a certain connection since season 1. But after Tweed's disagreement with Belle, four friends might be seeing a little tension.

Now in season 3, Queen Cardigan may be dead and a mysterious new plot in Spain has our characters traveling to a new country to unravel the thread. Belle thinks it's a ploy, so off to restore her name the Duke of Suede tattered, Belle looks for answers surrounding the Threadbare Incident.

Meanwhile, Prince Tweed is the new king, and he must now face the conflict of a betrothal to Aesthetic when his heart may be warring for someone else. All the while, King Threadbare may have plans of his own.

Origins of Prince Tweed

Google Translate Sings- Beauty and the Beast (ft

Google Translate Sings- Beauty and the Beast (ft. Brian Hull)

Melinda's Google Translate Sings compilation of Beauty and the Beast song parodies sparked a huge discussion. "I can't wait for Prince Tweed season 3!" said Baykush in a comment.

"Origins of Prince Tweed" is still under construction.

Feel free to check out Melinda's video and join the conversation!

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